Finding the Tarot

… was, for me, a happy accident. About six years ago, full of journalistic cynicism, I enrolled on a single day’s introductory course - and came away from it reeling. For the next couple of years I could think of little else. I studied with several professional Tarot teachers around London, but most happily and for longest, at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington (where Arthur Conan Doyle was once President). After that I practised Tarot on anyone who would allow me. I offered free readings from one of the cafeterias at the British Library for a short while, and later, by handing fliers at tube stations, I began to offer Tarot readings to the wider public. Most of the readings took place from an office-shed at the bottom of my London garden, but for several months I was also sitting in a booth at the back of a shop in Chelsea, reading cards for walk-ins.  

Individual readings are always confidential, but for a life-long writer, the idea of using fictional Tarot readings as a tool for a detective series was irresistible. Dolly Greene was born.

I’m now writing a different series of comic novels (see above). But I am still offering readings, either by Skype or in person. Contact me to find out more.

“What an enlightening experience! It made me aware of things that I had taken for granted but had never questioned. A really positive and eye-opening 45 minutes. I felt comfortable with Daisy, who I felt I could trust and who was obviously experienced.”

Kim, Actor

“My tarot card reading with Daisy was an entirely positive experience. Daisy made me feel completely comfortable and really took extra measures to ensure I got what I wanted from the reading. Her talent is raw and evident. The session felt like a therapy session - I left feeling like weights had been lifted off of my shoulders and that I had a clear head. The reading was absolutely wonderful and I will be going back to Daisy again. I would recommend Daisy's readings to anyone and everyone. Thank you, Daisy, for such an incredible and empowering experience!”

Kristyn P

“I came to the reading with a lot scepticism but any misgivings I had were soon dispelled. It was an extraordinarily revealing reading. And once I got over the shock of that, I really enjoyed it.”

Nathalie M

“Your reading to me was invaluable. I left your office with a great strength, knowing that I was going to fight for what I wanted & had the tools I needed for that! I felt confident in what I needed to say and it was a weight of my shoulders! Speaking with you I felt so comfortable and at ease and I felt it was a naturally flowing conversation! You took the time to really go into depth with how I could go about solving this shadow I had over me! I will look forward to our next reading as there are lots more areas I need help on & I feel we made a great connection together!” 

Gillian C

“Daisy's readings are amazing. Daisy is a thoughtful and emotive tarot reader and so incredibly accurate, too. So accurate, in fact, that I welled up. I thoroughly recommend her.”

Katya, Student

“I wanted to thank you for you know I haven't had my cards read before and found it very insightful and slightly strange!! XXX came back straight away demanding … [this] …  so I largely told him to 'f*** off' and give me some peace or walk away from it all. …  I feel more in control, at last, instead of the hell of being powerless and torn. So I thank you for that 🙂 ”  


“Daisy has an uncanny ability to connect with people and to help them understand what is on their mind”

Sean L, Documentary film maker 

“Spookily accurate” 

Mandy H

“I was nervous about the reading, because all I knew about the Tarot was the stuff you see in films. But Daisy's reading was amazing - so reassuring and SO astute. I felt really good afterwards - bolder and more optimistic about everything. I'm looking forward to the next time.”

Kris, Picture researcher

The Power of Tarot

I would be happy to share my approach/philosophy regarding the cards to anyone interested in a reading, but for here, for now, I will simply say that a good reading should be an uplifting experience, and mine are designed to clarify, encourage and inspire.

You can see in Reviews what some of my customers have said.

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