“Beguiling and very funny… a real joy to read.’

Publishing News

‘A sharp eye for detail and a refreshingly black comic streak’

Literary Review

‘A hilarious, timely book’

The Sunday Times

‘A heady mix of sex and satire, Daisy Waugh’s brilliant book is an utterly compulsive read.’


 ‘It’s intelligent, inventive and deliciously entertaining’


‘Refreshingly sharp and witty social satire… the author’s astute observations are fleshed by plenty of insider know-how’

Daily Mail

‘Funny, cynical, and genuinely knowing about media London… the most superbly reactionary fable’

Evening Standard

‘Wicked modern satire’

Daily Express

'Fun and fruity’

Star Magazine

‘A witty romp full of joie-de-vivre’


‘Sparkling fun.’


‘Full of laugh-out-loud funny bits.’


Introducing E.V. Harte

It’s exhilarating to be writing under a new name. E.V. Harte travels without baggage, and I hope it shows in the lightness and good humour of her writing. 

This is she. Or I. Or both. Drawn by her/my daughter, Panda La Terriere, who knows us both so well.

Panda also knows the characters who live on Tinderbox Lane, where E.V. Harte’s mystery novels are set, and I will be putting her illustrations of the Tinderbox characters onto this website soon.

E.V. Harte

Signed books

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The Tarot Detective Series 

A series of contemporary, London-based mysteries centering on the adventures of Dolly Greene, a late-forty-something divorced mother,  professional Tarot reader and incidental sleuth.

Coming soon: The Case of The Fool


The Prime of Ms Dolly Greene


The Tarot talks . . . but is anyone listening?

In the heart of South West London, just a short stroll from the Thames, lies a quiet row of tiny cottages called Tinderbox Lane. Foremost among its band of loyal residents are the divorced and perennially broke, professional Tarot reader, Dolly Greene and her 21-year-old daughter, Pippa.

When, one hot summer's day, Dolly reads the cards for the voluptuous and highly-sexed Nikki, her professional patter is interrupted by a disagreeable vision - a flash of Nikki's face, covered in blood and bruises. Death hangs over the magnificent Nikki - but there is an etiquette to reading Tarot and Dolly must not talk of murder to her client.

A few days later when the body of a battered woman is washed up by Chiswick Bridge, Dolly is haunted by the belief that Nikki's time may have come. . . but can she be sure? How far is Dolly prepared to go to act on her intuition? And will Sergeant Raff Williams, the officer assigned to investigate the murder, think Dolly's hunch insane? 


'It's a pleasure to be in the company of Ms Dolly Greene. She's smart, warm-hearted and a touch psychic - perfect qualities for a sleuth.'  - Frances Brody


'This book is a must read for any Tarot enthusiast or indeed, any whodunnit fan.Avril Price, Tarot Consultant and Senior Tutor, College of Psychic Studies, London.

The Prime of Ms Dolly Greene

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