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Woke Folk are Making Cowards of Us All

      IF the Nazis had been rampaging through your town seventy years ago, would you have hidden your Jewish friends in the basement? Would you have been one of the brave ones? Or not. Would you have somehow found a way to justify the basement lying empty, got on with your important life…

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Tarot Reading – Testimonial from Tripfiction

As part of promotion for my Tarot Detective novel, I gave a skype reading to the well known book blogger and founder of Tripfiction, Tina Hartas. You can click on the link here to learn more or read the following verdict which I have cut and pasted from her article:   “How was it for…

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My Tarot Reading for Sunday Times Journalist

I was pretty nervous about doing this one, as I used to write a lot for this paper. Felt like a sitting duck… Ex journo goes soft in middle age etc etc … but it went very well. And, as luck would have it,  I got a bit of psychic turbo-good-fortune at the end. Thank…

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